Calling All Engineers: We Want You!

Reasons To Join: 

  • SDBEA is awesome. 
  • SDBEA is SUPER affordable.
  • If bullet points one and two didn't already grab your attention, just keep re-reading them until they do. 

No Really. What Do I Say To My Boss? 

  • At SDBEA, it's about the Engineers. Not the Property Managers or the Facility Managers or the Owners. Our focus is on serving the Engineering Community with the best practices and resources to help further their careers and professional development. If you're working with Engineers in any capacity, you need to join our membership. 
  • Also, we weren't joking about the affordable bit. We'll let you do the math. 

What If I Want To Test The Waters First? 

  • You are more than welcome to. As a non-member, you'll pay higher rates for every event, but it's a great way to test the waters. We have an awesome group and we encourage you to participate in any way you can! 

I'm A Natural Born Leader & I Already Know I Want To Join A Committee!

  • You had us at hello. Come to our next board meeting - we have a lot to do and we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. 


Make The Most Out Of Your Membership!

SDBEA offers monthly training sessions to supplement your professional education. Check out the schedule under Upcoming Events!