Types of Membership

Interested in Joining?

First Of All - What Are You? 

An Engineer? A Service Provider? Or Both? 


At SDBEA, we call you Trade Members. Register now - it's only $80 per year! Read more on why you should join under the Engineers tab. 

Service Providers:

Learn to love the term, Allied Member, because that's what we call you. We beat all the other industry organizations in town - at only $350 per year, our membership is a no-brainer. If you've got more to spend, sign up as an Annual Sponsor! Prices vary and are listed below: 

As you can see, it's one of the most affordable sponsorship opportunities in the market! Email info@sdbea.org for more info. 

It's Complicated. We're Engineers & Service Providers!

If you are an Engineer and a Service Provider, we recommend all of your Engineers register individually as Trade Members ($80 each). And if you want to participate as a Service Provider, we strongly encourage you to designate a primary user as the Allied Member ($350) or Annual Sponsor (see varied prices above). Confusing? We get it. It's pretty confusing for us too. We tried to lay it out as simple as possible, but if you still have questions, please feel free to email us and we will answer them. 

Make The Most Out Of Your Membership!

SDBEA offers monthly training sessions to supplement your professional education. Check out the schedule under Upcoming Events!